• Do you have apples & pears you want to process?
  • Do you have drinks you want to make & bottle?
  • Do you wish to develop new products?

Then, come to The Orchard Centre!

 Fruit Processing & Juice Production


Two options are available:


  1. Small-scale electric fruit mill and hand-operated rack & cloth press for batches of apples & pears weighing 40kg and upwards. Up to 500kg of fruit can be processed in a day.
  2. Medium-scale fruit handling, centrifugal mill and hydraulic press for batches of apples & pears weighing 250kg and upwards. Up to 1000 litres of juice can be produced in a day.


Fresh-pressed juice can also be bottled & pasteurised if required.


A fully temperature controlled cider, perry and wine fermentation system is also available for use.


 Final Processing & Bottling for Cider, Perry & Other Beverages

Equipment and facilities are available to process and bottle cider, perry & other beverages, involving the following steps:

  1. Initial processing: Filtration, product blending, chilling & carbonation.
  2. Bottling: For still & carbonated products into glass bottles.
  3. Product Stabilisation: In-bottle pasteurisation and use of preservatives as appropriate.
  4. Labeling & Casing: Label application (single label). Shrink-wrap casing.

Normal minimum run capacity is 250 litres, but smaller quantities can be processed if necessary. The bottle filler is rated up to 250 x 500ml bottles per hour (less for larger bottles), but the total amount produced in a day is dependent what processes are carried out and the type of product to be bottled.

How can you access the facilities?

The facilities are available in two ways:

  1. A supervised self-help service is provided. After initial training, individuals and businesses will be able to book and use the facilities themselves, under the guidance of expert staff.
  2. All work can be contracted to us to do for you.

A flexible menu-based system is used to determine the most cost-effective solution to your requirements. Users can source their own materials (e.g. bottles) or obtain them through The Orchard Centre.

For Further Details & Costs contact us:
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