In association with the Cider Institute of North America (CINA), Peter Mitchell’s Cider & Perry Academy training classes are run on a regular basis at a number of locations across North America. Along with other courses, the programme for CINA’s Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production is also run in the UK in June each year, as part of the Big Cider & Perry Learning Experience.

Currently, the following classes are programmed for North America. Click on the class name for further information:

Details of forthcoming classes:
(Note: A strike through the date denotes that the class is currently full, but a waiting list is available)

Details for 2017 Classes

July 17th – 21st Cider & Perry Production  –    A Foundation
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon
Elizabeth Tomasino – Instructor

Contact – Katie Klump

T: 541-737-3113

August 21st – 25th Cider & Perry Production  –    A Foundation

Cornell University
Geneva, NY

Chris Gerling – Instructor

Contact – Gemm Osborne

T: 315–787-2248

October 9th – 13th Cider & Perry Production  –    A Foundation

Washington State University Northwest Research Center.  Mt Vernon, WA 

Brianna L. Ewing – Instructor

Contact – Bri Ewing:

T: 360-416-5208

November 6th – 10th Cider & Perry Production  –    Science & Practice

Cornell University Geneva, NY

Peter Mitchell – Instructor

Contact – Gemma Osbourne:

T: 315-787-2248

November 13th – 17th Cider & Perry Production  –    A Foundation

South Puget Sound Community College Olympia, WA

Andrew Byers – Instructor

Contact – Noel Rubadue:

T: 360-709-2011

November 27th – 1st December Cider & Perry Production  –    Science & Practice

Washington State University Northwest Research Center.  Mt Vernon, WA 

Peter Mitchell – Instructor

Contact – Karen Mauden:

T: 425-466-8722