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Cider & Perry - Make & Enjoy

This one-day practical hands-on course is perfect for the beginner




Cider & Perry Production - Principles & Practice

This "flag-ship" 5 day programme provides a comprehensive grounding in the main and principles & practices of cider & perry production and orcharding. The course includes key commercial considerations and is suitable for new and existing producers alike.




Cider & Perry Production: A Master Class

Tutored by Peter Mitchell, this ADVANCED practical-based 'MASTER CLASS' builds on foundation level training programs and aims to cover, in depth, the following key aspects of cider & perry production:

  • Meeting consumer requirements.
  • Management of cider & perry production as biotechnology – its microbiology & biochemistry.
  • Selection, application & management of production processes & technologies.
  • The flavour of cider & perry and sensory evaluation of the products concerned.
  • Laboratory analysis, Quality Control & Quality Assurance.


The previously very successful individual courses shown below are now all combined into the "Cider & Perry Production - Master Class"

  • Cider & Perry - Fruit Processing & Fermentation Control, 
  • Cider & Perry Blending & Bottling for the Marketplace, 
  • Cider & Perry - Sensory Analysis & Laboratory Quality Control

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Course Fee Discounts. For these UK-based training courses, early booking discounts and some grant-aid may be available to assist with the payment of course fees. For further information, please see details of each course or telephone Mitchell F&D Limited (01531 828330).

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